These carriers require individual links to be sent from your manager. Follow the instructions below.

Aetna Coventry (MA Only)
Bright Health
Central States Indemnity
CSI Life
Equitable Life
Health Choice
Manhattan Life
Select Health (NV Only)
Spirit Dental
Union Security
United Home Life
UAHP (University of AZ Health Plans)
Western United Life


To contract with the carriers in the list, your manager must send a unique link to you via email. To request the link, check the box next to the carrier(s) with whom you would like to contract, then click “Send Message.”
When you click “Send Message” a notice is sent to the corresponding carriers, to your manager, and to the Kellogg Office Staff. 
Only check the box next to the carriers with whom you intend to write business in the next 3 months. Not all of the following carriers will be available in your area. Check with your manager before you send this message.
To:   (Direct Manager)
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I would like to request appointments with the following carriers: